Ginny Hutchinson: Strategic Marketing & Executive Consultant Ginny Hutchinson


Ginny Hutchinson is a successful Fortune 100, international executive who has learned valuable (and humorous) lessons from her decades of experience, friends and family.

Leadership & Marketing

As an inspirational leader, Ginny has guided start-up companies and corporate giants through dramatic growth and rapid change in both the U.S. and Europe. Ginny is a renowned Executive Leader and Chief Marketing Officer with expertise in telecom, technology, retail, e-commerce and financial sectors.  Now, Ginny is leveraging her vast and diverse experience as a marketing consultant.

Strategic Consulting

Ginny is a trusted consultant and business coach working with CEOs, Executive Teams and Board of Directors to design successful business and operations plans to accelerate bottom-line results.

Her book Better Because of You was co-authored with long-time friend and colleague Cathy Haffner. The co-founders were featured by Forbes Personal Best for sharing ways to make life a little better.

Ginny attended the University of Washington and Wharton School of Business, Executive Program.

Global Vision

Ginny currently lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She travels all over the world from the top of the Himalayas, to the Serengeti Plains, to the Egyptian Nile. Through her travels, she gains a global perspective in both her personal and professional life.